SMAI Farmacy Wellness Insitute

21 Day Living in MAAT program.

Do you feel stuck in your day-to-day life? Break away from your usual routine and explore the Maat way of life. Our 21-day living in Maat program is designed to give you an insight into what a more holistic, meaningful and connected lifestyle looks like. Our goal is to help people create positive and lasting change by introducing them to new values, traditions and skills. We will start by exploring different areas such as self-reflection, energy management, health practices, eco-consciousness, meditation and communication tools. Then you'll have time to dive deeper into those topics through individual practice and group discussion. After our program ends, we hope that participants have gained the knowledge needed to bring about transformation in their lives for years to come!

We are challenging all people who are interested in a more harmonious and balanced lifestyle to join us in our 21 Day Living in Maat program. For 21 days, we will use the ancient principles of Maat, which encompass justice, truth, order, balance, and harmony, to help create a life that reflects these values.

Each day will be filled with guided activities, lessons, and self-reflection exercises to bring greater peace and fulfillment into your life. Through a supportive online community and weekly online group sessions, you will get access to accountability and advice on how to incorporate Maat into your daily life.

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